Ken Aesthetic is a small branding and user experience boutique located in Washington, D.C. Our focus is not solely creative and aesthetics. We design web solutions for an accessible experience with smart responsive techniques and progressive enhancement. We consider the entire experience and strategize to solve your problems with intelligence and tact.

Our mantra is "We work to live". There is so much more to life than money and running the rat race. We love to progress, contribute and learn new things but not at the expense of our standard quality of life. Balancing work, family and play is always taken into consideration when clients and projects are selected. In regards to work we believe that form should always follow function. To have the aesthetics compliment the inner workings is the ultimate goal in our design process.


We put a tremendous amount of thought into our design, covering not only the aesthetics but the conceptual as well. Our goal is to grab the viewer and evoke thought. Making people think is what we strive to achieve .


Once the concept is born we enter the planning phase. We spend this time to prepare for the following two phases of our process to avoid confusion and ensure that the project runs smoothly and is a success.


The design phase is always a very interesting journey navigating though the abyss of options and avenues. We work on as few as three different directions to be discussed before coming to a decision.


With a solid concept and design in place we move into development phase where we utilize the latest techniques and languages for the most scalable, responsive, easily maintained, modern experience possible.

Forma Design Website Redesign and Build Display

Forma Design Website Refresh and Responsive Build

Forma needed an overhaul of their website from the table-based build of the 90's to a more current responsive web solution. I was able to redesign the look based on what they were using previously. The current solution is a responsive interface that utilizes the entire page.

MCA Remodeling Website Redesign and Build Display

MCA Remodeling Website Refresh and Responsive Build

MCA Remodeling needed their website brought current into the 21st century having had an old no-responsive build. I matched the design as they were happy and comfortable with what they had and updated the code base for responsive features to serve all devices. This site will launch any day now.

ManuelMorquecho.com Website Design Display

Manuel Morquecho Rebrand & Website Redesign

Manuel Morquecho is a tremendously talented photographer and close friend of mine. I helped him rebrand himself as himself to simplify his marketing efforts. I accompanied the rebrand with a basic classy landing page highlighting his best work. The site grow as we both progress in our respective careers. Keep an eye out for yours truly within his portfolio.

Aerovironment PUMA Display

Aerovironment Moodle Design & Build | App Design & Development

The AV Puma Site and web app we built was contracted by the Connect4Education team. This was full Moodle theme customization with branding enhancements and marketing page. The Web App was built to operate within the browser as well as android devices. Certain security features were created due to the natiure of the content. The contract went on approximately 8 months following a loose agile approach. The end product is a very flexible UI serving all devices and marketing page for all drone products.

Jahsonic DC Website Design and Build Display

Jahsonic Website Design and Responsive Build

Jahsonic needed his website built and made not only to promote himself but to enhance his brand. Functionalities include social feed funnel to the homepage, bio info, the ability to book him for a event a robust event list. This is still a work in progress as module are being customized to fit the exact needs.

Marc Schneiderman Portfolio Website Design Display

Marc Schneiderman Rebrand, Website Design & Responsive Build

Marc Schneiderman has plans to move into a career with his fine-art work and needed to present his work to potential galleries. I delivered basic branding, content strategy, custom website design, and a responsive build. The site will develop as other works and gallery exhibitions are documented and uploaded. The site structure as well UX is subject to change based on additional content provided.

Sageteen Wireframe Website Redesign Display

Sageteen Wireframe Design

Quick wireframe design example. Nothing fancy... :)

Andreas Charalambous Art Site Display

Andreas Charalambous Art Site

Andreascharalmbous.com needed a complete rebuild as it was built back in the 90's with a table based layout. We needed to establish a comfortable experience for mobile users on the go as well as optimize the site for search engines. We restructured the site a bit, used the bootstrap framework for responsive layouts and made everything indexable by search engines. The final product is pleasant minimalist website accessible by all devices and users.

Jim Graham Campaign Micro-Site Display

Jim Graham Campaign Micro-Site

The Jim Graham team approached me to build a micro-site with the sole purpose of collecting donations and supporters. The decision was an introduction panel, a message panel and an action panel would suffice to be most effective.

Insomniac Design Portfolio Development

Insomniac Hired us to develop their new responsive portfolio using the bootstrap framework. We took the provided design and developed the site including the designing the nuances from view to view.

Roundpoint Front-End Development

Insomniac hired us to develop a responsive interface for their client's banking software. We took the provided design and developed the site including designing the nuances from view to view.

Rogue24 Display


The Rogue24 project was a collaboration with Insomniac Design. They provided designs and a general idea of functionality and we worked out all aspects of development. This experience utilized quite a bit of jQuery and much troubleshooting went into the ability to work on a tablet. We also leveraged PHP for easy organization of reusable content. For phones we created a separate site and a basic design requested from the client.

Highland Park Animal Hospital

This project was designed and built from the ground up. All branding included, logo, website, street-side sign, and print collateral. The website is built on top of the Business Catalyst CRM (customer relationship manager) to help keep track of all clients, interactions, and site traffic. We have experimented with many different approaches of marketing tactics and are seeing positive results. Highland Park Animal Hosptal is #1 in organic search results in the area and is developoing new client relationships daily.

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